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New album out now


"The musicianship throughout the album is first class, and the group have managed to blend melody and catchy hooks with a Classic Rock style to produce a thorougly entertaining listen"

Chris Mee

Fireworks Rock and metal magazine


27 August

The new single "Passion Overload is now available in all digital stores and platforms.

The new album will come in November. Will keep you posted.

1 Mars

There are some doubts that the album will be done this spring. This Covid-19 effects us all. Take care of you and stay safe!

15 January

Back in the studio to record album No 2.

20 December

Merry Christmas all Rockers

20 November

Introducing Cormada Rock TV. Episode 1 is now available on Youtube and Facebook.DonĀ“t miss!! See it HERE

11 November
First singel from the new album will be "Passion overload". Releasedate will be announced soon. 

23 September
Starting the recordings. New album will come next spring.

15 August
Writing songs for the new album. Recordings will begin this


10 June
The video for "Right in front of me" will be released on Youtube and Facebook 16th June

28 May
Videos are recorded. World premiere on Youtube and Facebook for "Love sensation" on 2nd June

5 May
Plans of recording video this month. Gonna be awsome!

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