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New album out now


"The musicianship throughout the album is first class, and the group have managed to blend melody and catchy hooks with a Classic Rock style to produce a thorougly entertaining listen"

Chris Mee

Fireworks Rock and metal magazine



In 2004 Magnus Fallgren met up with Torbjörn Haag for the first time and they started working together. At first by playing in a cover band, but soon they started to write songs together.

This was the first version of Cormada.


After writing and recording they released the first version of the album "Music for generations to come" 2012. Pretty soon after the release they agreed that this version had too much synth arrangements and songs that did not fit in to the direction they had developed so they went back to write new material, much more back to roots guitar based rock songs.


Some other projects for both gentlemen made the recording process a little slow. In 2017 they started to really get serious about a second Cormada album. Now with a clear vision of what the band where about. Honest back to basic hard rock. As they were inspired by bands like Thin Lizzy, Rainbow and early Whitesnake, and with the energy of band like Van Halen and Aerosmith they decided to redraw the first version of "Music for generations to come", and re-arranging and re-record it. Cutting of some of the old songs and adding some new material they felt much more comfortable with, and felt that they had found the right sound and energy. At the same time the started to write songs for the second album, "Get in to break out". At this point they formed the line up to become a full band. With Magnus Fallgren on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Torbjörn Haag on lead guitar, Ken Olsson on Bass and Magnus Skoog on Drums. In February 2019 they released the “new” version of "Music for generations to come". In june, they released two videos, "Right in front of me" and "Love sensation" on Youtube and Facebook. 

From August 2019 the work with the second album "Get in to breakout" started. The first singel "Passion overload" was released 27 August. the new album will hopefully be in stores in Novemeber 2020.